Posted by: miggins | March 4, 2016

Model X Review- two months in- update on issues, etc

Wanted to post some quick updates on my car and share my service experience.  These are in response to items I mentioned in my last post.  Here we go

1. The falcon wing doors are still flaky.   The service tech informed me that they are experiencing some issues with the sensors on the doors which explains why they sometime won’t open all the way even though nothing is in the way.  They have swapped out some of the sensors and the doors work a little better.  

Bottom line- to me the doors are more of a nuisance than a benefit – but perhaps these usability issues will minimize as the car gets smarter or are more a function of the X being a brand new model.   But- if I could get rid of them now for doors that open traditionally I would. 

2. Windshield double and triple vision at night. After a long time and too many explanations I finally got a patient tech to come over and drive my car at night.  He readily agreed that I’m not crazy and there is something wrong with the glass that is creating this weird effect.  By the way, it has nothing to do with driver height. Everyone notices this – especially those without glasses on.  

Evidently there is a ticket between service and the product manager in charge of glass and they are seeking some answers from the glass supplier.  I am still in the dark on severity and timing but I have been assured that there is a long thread and the right people are looking into this – finally.  

I remain surprised at how hard it was to get the company’s attention.  I called local tech (who was very responsive but powerless) as well as HQ (blew me off and directed me back to local team). I even sent out warning tweet telling Tesla they have a problem with their new vehicle and got zero response.  Unusual for this to fall through the cracks but it did for two months.  

3. The car has gotten smarter.  Things like driver door sensors seem to work more intelligently- never hitting cars in a parking lot. Assisted parking seems just better with time.  

4. I get software updates about once every two weeks so improvements and new features are coming frequently.  
I hope this is helpful for anyone out there considering a model X. 


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