Posted by: miggins | August 24, 2012

Testdriving the Tesla Model S – Part 1 – Photos

Last week my wife and I had the privilege of test driving a Tesla Model S sedan in Austin.  Wow – what an amazing vehicle!  I’ll start by posting photos and then try to describe what it was like to drive.  This is the most impressive car I have ever driven.

My 3yo was excited about the free tatoos

Next up is this photo which has nothing to do with the Tesla but just annoyed me.  Where to start…

C’mon, Texas, don’t do this stuff! Just awful

Now here are the rest of the photos of the Model S.

For my next post, I’ll describe the interior and what the test drive was like.



  1. As per the recent EPA stats, the maximum driving range of the new Tesla Model S electric sedan is around 265 miles, and it has the ability to achieve a MPGe rating of around 89, which is really impressive.

    • Yeah, it’s really good. However, with a Tesla, the ‘g’ of MPG is irrelevant. They should develop a metric which measures CO2 per mile and then you can compare gasoline, natural gas, coal, nuclear, solar, etc.

      Realistically, a Tesla is not a zero omissions vehicle unless your home power source is renewable (solar or wind). Otherwise, you are replacing gas power with coal power.

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