Posted by: miggins | March 26, 2012

A Huge Tech Step Forward in Reducing Solar Cost

I ran across this piece today about Twin Creeks – a previously stealth solar startup that claims they can reduce in half the cost of solar panels and get it to the point where it rivals conventional energy production.

Exerpt: [When all’s said and done, if you buy Twin Creeks’ equipment, it is promising a cost of around 40 cents per watt, about half the cost of panels currently coming out of China (where the vast majority of solar panels are made). At that price, solar power begins to encroach on standard, mostly-hydrocarbon-derived grid power — but, of course, we still need to create batteries that can store solar power over night. Maybe Stanford has the answer to that problem, though, with its everlasting nanobattery — and then there’s Nortwestern University’s graphene-doped lithium-ion batteries, and, perhaps most realistically, electric cars like the Nissan Leaf that can double up as a glorified house battery.]

On top of this being an exciting possibility – I must say I’ve never thought of using an electric car as a home solar energy storage unit for the nighttime.


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