Posted by: miggins | February 12, 2009

Meeting Chris Hughes, iPhone jailbreaker and ServerBeach customer at TED

Robert Miggins and Chris Hughes at TED

Chris Hughes and me at TED

Last week I had the privilege of attending the TED conference. On top of that being a very enlightening experience, I also very randomly met an interesting customer.

I happened to sit next to Chris Hughes on a tour bus one evening. He did a fascinating demo earlier in the week of ARToolKit. Read about it here. Then he went on to tell me he was the first to jailbreak the iPhone, which took him 21 days.

It wasn’t until when the ride was almost over that I figured out that he’s been a ServerBeach customer for almost 5 years! We then spoke about the hosting industry, cloud computing, and other related matters over a couple of drinks.

Chris has founded and sold an online gaming company, has worked for Google and recently left. Today, Chris works for AT&T in their lab group examining technology expected to hit the market in 2-5 years. Given his success with the iPhone, that’s probably a good place for him.

I’m always amazed and inspired when I get the chance to meet customer doing creative things. Thanks Chris!


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