Posted by: miggins | July 21, 2008

Now, here’s a novel way to get attention

I must admit, this got my attention. The problem I have with her message, like so many of the other ‘Green’ messages I read these days is that it’s on one end of the extreme. The messages fall into two categories:

1. Green for Dummies: these are articles in popular magazines which talk about the top 13 things you can do to have a green summer and include things like shutting off the faucet while you brush you teeth. They are mildly practical but will never make a meaningful difference.

2. ‘Oily Cassandra’ lands in this camp. It’s all doom and gloom. We’re all screwed and there’s nothing you can do about it. Peak oil is looming and if you want to eat another meal again for the rest of your life, you’re contributing to the problem (and a bad person). These messages used to scare me, but now they just depress me. And they always leave me wondering ‘what am I supposed to do with this information I just learned’? With Cassie, I’m still wondering.

Where is the middle ground? Where are the practical, meaningful and – most importantly – the POSITIVE alternatives being discussed? I’m ready to get involved in the discussion and the projects which are going to make a meaningful difference.

On another somewhat related note, another thought I had while watching this video was: What about simply focusing on the other side of the problem. Can technology find CO2 eaters (like trees on steriods) and simply help take more CO2 out of the atmosphere to equalize what we’re creating? Sounds impossible, but let me tell you, so does everything else she mentions in the video.

If anyone’s listening, are there any ideas similar to carbon offsetting but in hyper escalation mode which would combat the problem that way? You know, put more rocks on the other end of the see saw to level us out?


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